Controversy On The Water

Family BoatingThere is no denying it; people and boating go hand in hand. There are people who love to go fishing for their dinner and there are those who simply enjoy life on the bow of a boat or in the captain’s chair. It is something that families can do together during the warm weather months and there are people who do it to escape from their busy lives. Another bonus is that boats are available in all shapes and sizes. There are john boats and huge yachts. The issue comes when people who own the boat are hoping to defend the boat against the risk of pirates. It has led to a lot of controversy on the water since many people want to carry along a gun on their boat.

Local Laws

There are a lot of loopholes for you to jump through if you want to take a gun on your boat in a lot of different areas. Your issues may become bigger issues or smaller ones, depending on where you want to travel while you are on your boat. If you are simply venturing out into a river or the ocean, but staying close to shore, you will have to abide by the laws of your state as it pertains to guns. If they require you to have a permit for a concealed weapon, you will need that with you on the boat. Some states require you to have it locked up and unloaded, but there if you need to access it. It is important that you find out how your state handles gun laws and what permits they require you to have and you should know that it will be in effect until you reach approximately 12 miles off shore.

Venturing into Open Water

Boating BeltIn the event that you plan to venture farther off shore, up to 24 miles, you will have to deal with international laws and regulations. If you go beyond that or hope to travel into another country’s harbor, you will have to take into consideration the Maritime Laws, your gun carry laws will be based on the flag you are flying and that country’s laws. For example, the U.S. flag follows the laws of the United States. You will need paperwork to back you up on it. As you get closer to other countries or coasts, you will need to abide by their rules and not the flag you carry on your boat.

Find Out More About Your State’s Laws

Most all states allow you to carry a gun on board a boat, but it is important that you look into it to know for sure about your state’s regulations and rules. There are gun show loophole states that may make it even easier for you to purchase and carry a gun, not only on shore, but off. If you end up venturing further off shore, that is when you will find more complicated rules and regulations that you will have to follow or you may risk breaking the law.