Controversy On The Water

Family BoatingThere is no denying it; people and boating go hand in hand. There are people who love to go fishing for their dinner and there are those who simply enjoy life on the bow of a boat or in the captain’s chair. It is something that families can do together during the warm weather months and there are people who do it to escape from their busy lives. Another bonus is that boats are available in all shapes and sizes. There are john boats and huge yachts. The issue comes when people who own the boat are hoping to defend the boat against the risk of pirates. It has led to a lot of controversy on the water since many people want to carry along a gun on their boat.

Local Laws

There are a lot of loopholes for you to jump through if you want to take a gun on your boat in a lot of different areas. Your issues may become bigger issues or smaller ones, depending on where you want to travel while you are on your boat. If you are simply venturing out into a river or the ocean, but staying close to shore, you will have to abide by the laws of your state as it pertains to guns. If they require you to have a permit for a concealed weapon, you will need that with you on the boat. Some states require you to have it locked up and unloaded, but there if you need to access it. It is important that you find out how your state handles gun laws and what permits they require you to have and you should know that it will be in effect until you reach approximately 12 miles off shore.

Venturing into Open Water

Boating BeltIn the event that you plan to venture farther off shore, up to 24 miles, you will have to deal with international laws and regulations. If you go beyond that or hope to travel into another country’s harbor, you will have to take into consideration the Maritime Laws, your gun carry laws will be based on the flag you are flying and that country’s laws. For example, the U.S. flag follows the laws of the United States. You will need paperwork to back you up on it. As you get closer to other countries or coasts, you will need to abide by their rules and not the flag you carry on your boat.

Find Out More About Your State’s Laws

Most all states allow you to carry a gun on board a boat, but it is important that you look into it to know for sure about your state’s regulations and rules. There are gun show loophole states that may make it even easier for you to purchase and carry a gun, not only on shore, but off. If you end up venturing further off shore, that is when you will find more complicated rules and regulations that you will have to follow or you may risk breaking the law.

New Marine Coolers, Are They Worth the Price?

When people look for marine equipment, a cooler is often at the top of their list. They want coolers that are reliable, durable, and large enough to keep them supplied with a cold one for days. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that having a high-end cooler is at the top of the list when it comes to accessories for their next fishing trip. However, the people who are not buying for the sake of a “name” may ask the biggest question of all, “New coolers, are they worth the price?” If this is something that you have pondered, we suggest that you read on.

The Desire for a Name Brand Cooler

There are a lot of coolers available. You can purchase soft sided coolers and a variety of sizes from some of the most high-end brand names that you can find. This includes brands such as Yeti, Pelican, Engel, and more. Some coolers can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to nearly $1000 by the time it is all said and done. People trust in these coolers because they have proven themselves in many ways. Many sites like Cooler Critic state that they are able to hold ice for many days and are better than all others. They have features that are desirable, such as the ability to keep a bear out, but you do have to wonder what they can do that others cannot.

Facts About Cooler Brands

Most all coolers that are considered “High-End” are dependable coolers, but this is not to say that other cooler brands are not as good. The truth is, many of the cheaper coolers around are able to hold ice for several days and they also have features that make them as good, within reason. Most all have the same amount of insulation between the walls and most all have the ability to be bear proof, since bear proof means simply that it has a way for you to lock it with a padlock. Cheaper coolers have rust-free hinges and can be used by anyone who wants to sit or stand on them. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of money to spare; you should be able to get by without spending a small fortune on your cooler. This will enable you to put your money where it may be more useful.

Put Your Money Where It Matters

Which do you think would be more beneficial to you on a fishing trip? A high-end cooler that can keep beverages cold for a week or a marine GPS that can actually help you get back to shore when it matters the most? Both may serve a purpose, but you cannot get the same quality GPS by going cheap that you would by spending more the way that you can with a cooler. There are other marine accessories that are just as important as a GPS including the batteries that you may use to power you boat, but the GPS system is vital if you are going out. One common issue for boaters is going out and then suddenly a fog or rain rolls in and you are steering blind as you try to make your way back to the coast. In this situation, a cooler will not be helpful, but a GPS can save you from a lot of potential issues and the whole point of being prepared for the marine environment is to be sure you can handle any situation you have to. Which do you think matters more?

Waterproof GPS- Are They Worth It

There are a lot of devices nowadays that claim to be waterproof. You can purchase cell phones and watches that are waterproof, waterproof cameras, and even waterproof GPS. The big question though is whether they are really as waterproof as manufacturers want for you to believe? If they are, are they more expensive than you are willing to pay? We have the results of our research and will answer the question of waterproof GPS-are they worth it?

Does Waterproof Mean Water Proof?


Waterproof GPSThe truth is, the fact that an item says it is waterproof does not mean that you should immediately dunk it into the nearest water supply. There are different levels of waterproofness with all electronics that claim to be waterproof. Some are able to handle a good rain shower, or a trip into a rain shower like on this site, and others may be able to travel to the deepest parts of the ocean with you. The good news is, most all handheld GPS systems will tell you if they are waterproof and to what extent they are waterproof.

The Best Waterproof GPS


Handheld GPS OptionThere are GPS systems that you can purchase that enable you to get them wet. There are marine GPS systems and they are safe to take out in a kayak or even wear on your wrist. There are handheld GPS systems that are safe to use in the marine environment and there are others that can go scuba diving with you. Before you rush out and purchase one, though, you should read reviews to make sure it is going to be as waterproof as you want for it to be. Otherwise, you could end up being very disappointed. Some of the best and most popular choices will not stop working because you hold it in the water for several minutes. Garmin is the most popular type because they are more waterproof than some of the other GPS systems.

What If It Is Not Waterproof?


Cover For GPSIf you have a GPS that does not clearly tell you that you can take it into the water for up to so many meters, you could end up with a GPS that no longer works after you accidently carry it into the shower with you. If you choose a handheld that is rated for motorcycle use or marine use, you should be safe to get it wet in the shower or when out in the rain for an extended period of time. Though in some cases, you may need to dry it when you come out of the water. In a situation where you want to go diving with it, you will want to make sure that it is safe for the amount of time and depth that you plan to be diving into. Each handheld GPS will have its own abilities. You need to look carefully to see what your GPS system is able to handle because we know you do not want to take it out into open water, only to have it leave you still having to search for your way back home.

What to Look For In Your First GPS

GarminIn the time since GPS systems were first invented, they have come a long ways. They started out as driving tools to help people get from one area to another. However, nowadays, with our constantly changing technology, things have changed. Now, they can be useful for a variety of things, as long as you find the right features. Here are a few of the best features available and you should know about them before you go in search of your first GPS. They are the features that most people want to know about when they ask what to look for in your first GPS.

What Matters Most

When it comes to GPS systems, you have an endless amount of options. There is the standard feature of telling you how to get from point A to point B based on an address and telling you what your estimated time of arrival will be at any point along your route. However, some of them are able to work as music players, show you photos of where you are going and the area you are traveling in, and a large variety of other features. The biggest considerations for most people who are new to GPS is the simplicity of how it works. They need a GPS that is easy to program and easy to operate. You may also want to know that you can set it up to help you get out of the woods or back to shore when you are in your boat. If you are searching for a GPS system that can be used in a kayak, you may also want to consider the type of battery you have on it. Some are rechargeable while others require you to carry a large battery and a battery box. This can be difficult on a kayak with limited space.

Why Own a GPS?

KayakGPSMountWhen driving, people like to know where they are going, what may be located nearby as far as food and gas, and other important information. The same can be said for other times when you are not necessarily in a vehicle. For instance, when hunting or fishing, you may want a GPS that can tell you which direction to go based on your current location. If you are out in a kayak, you may want to own the best kayak fish finder that has a built in GPS system so that you do not have to worry about getting lost. If the GPS in your vehicle can tell you about your ETA based on how fast you are traveling, perhaps the newest types of GPS for kayaks, can tell you how long it will take you to get back to solid ground based on your kayak paddle length and how fast you are able to paddle? If they cannot do it today, that does not mean that they will not be able to in the very near future, especially with the constantly growing popularity of kayaks and GPS systems being installed on them.

In short, when you go to ask others what to look for in your first GPS, you should keep in mind the activities that you hope to be doing when you use it. Beyond that, the only important thing is that you enjoy knowing where you are at all times and where you will be going next.

Importance GPS Plays In The Future of Transportation

In a world where people are growing more concerned about the environment, cutting out pollution is a great idea. This first led to more people walking to work, or at the very least, riding bicycles rather than driving, especially in some of our largest cities. The thing is though, that some people do not want to arrive at work all sweaty and smelly because they rode on their bicycle, but walking is a big issue for some people who have trouble walking for long periods of time. Either it would cause them to feel pain in their legs or their lower back. For those people, there is a new form of transportation becoming more available. It is one where walking no longer has to cause them pain and they will not work up a sweat.

What They Are

Gryoscope-300x263The newest trend in avoiding traffic jams is the self balancing scooter. It allows people to avoid the pollution that comes with vehicles or public transportation. It ensures traffic is never an issue. It proves that back and leg issues do not have to prevent you from walking where you need to go. As an added bonus, you will arrive at work, or wherever else you need to go, faster than you would while walking as well.

These scooters are machines that you stand on. To operate you simply have to lean forward or backward. When turning, you apply more pressure to one foot than the other. It takes a little balance, but most people seem to agree that it only takes a few minutes time to learn how to ride and love their scooter.

Why People Love Them

AirwheelsTransportMost people who own a smart drifting scooter say that it can relieve the pains that they have when walking long distances. They agree that it does take a little getting used to, but once they climb on and get a feel for it, they love the ride. These people are all ages. They can be used by young children and our senior citizens alike. The working man who wants to avoid traffic or have time to unwind on his way home from work, uses this type of scooter. The mom who needs to run to a friend’s house a few blocks away can hop on and avoid the traffic, the pollution, and the headaches of driving there. As long as you can stand up straight and balance yourself a little, you can also join the many people who choose a better way of “walking”.

Will You Love Yours?

Many of the self-balancing transportation options can travel 6-10mph. This is a lot faster than walking where you need to go. They are easy to use because all you have to do is turn it on and take a step on-board. You can use it for small errands rather than load up in your car and deal with traffic. You are caring for the environment because they are battery powered rather than gas powered. Your kids can use it when they go to visit a friend. What will you use your newest transportation option for?

GPS Importance in Hunting

There are a lot of different things that can impact how successful your hunting trip will be. A lot of its success stems from knowing where to go to find the animals and then you have to have the skill that is required to bring them down. A good gun, a lot of camo, and keeping quiet helps, but sometimes you need more to take an average trip out into the woods from good to spectacular. Why not discover a way to make things better on your next trip? Continue reading

Garmin Quest 2 GPS

Same as the Quest except the Quest 2 is preloaded with the North American Map Database
The Quest series has always been a versatile navigator for nearly any outdoor pursuit, and preloaded detailed road maps of all of the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico make the Quest 2 even more better for people looking for a small, yet full featured, GPS device. Continue reading

Standard Horizon CPV350 Chartplotter/VHF

The CPV350 is a WAAS GPS chartplotter with a 25Watt VHF and 30W loud hailer capable of listen-back, fog signaling, bells and whistles integrated into one box. The WideScreen high-resolution 800X480, sunlight viewable display can be customized to show chart and fish finder (optional) in full page or a spilt screen. Rotary knobs make features easy to access along with the unique ergonomically designed handgrip for sure control. Continue reading

Garmin Travel Guide SD Card – Fodor’s North America

Fodor’s provides travelers with the most up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive travel information available. And while different people have different styles of travel, they all have one thing in common–they seek the best travel options available within their budget, including the best places to stay, eat, shop, and see. That’s why, for 70 years, sophisticated travelers choose Fodor’s.

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