New Marine Coolers, Are They Worth the Price?

When people look for marine equipment, a cooler is often at the top of their list. They want coolers that are reliable, durable, and large enough to keep them supplied with a cold one for days. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that having a high-end cooler is at the top of the list when it comes to accessories for their next fishing trip. However, the people who are not buying for the sake of a “name” may ask the biggest question of all, “New coolers, are they worth the price?” If this is something that you have pondered, we suggest that you read on.

The Desire for a Name Brand Cooler

There are a lot of coolers available. You can purchase soft sided coolers and a variety of sizes from some of the most high-end brand names that you can find. This includes brands such as Yeti, Pelican, Engel, and more. Some coolers can cost you anywhere from a couple hundred to nearly $1000 by the time it is all said and done. People trust in these coolers because they have proven themselves in many ways. Many sites like Cooler Critic state that they are able to hold ice for many days and are better than all others. They have features that are desirable, such as the ability to keep a bear out, but you do have to wonder what they can do that others cannot.

Facts About Cooler Brands

Most all coolers that are considered “High-End” are dependable coolers, but this is not to say that other cooler brands are not as good. The truth is, many of the cheaper coolers around are able to hold ice for several days and they also have features that make them as good, within reason. Most all have the same amount of insulation between the walls and most all have the ability to be bear proof, since bear proof means simply that it has a way for you to lock it with a padlock. Cheaper coolers have rust-free hinges and can be used by anyone who wants to sit or stand on them. Therefore, if you do not have a lot of money to spare; you should be able to get by without spending a small fortune on your cooler. This will enable you to put your money where it may be more useful.

Put Your Money Where It Matters

Which do you think would be more beneficial to you on a fishing trip? A high-end cooler that can keep beverages cold for a week or a marine GPS that can actually help you get back to shore when it matters the most? Both may serve a purpose, but you cannot get the same quality GPS by going cheap that you would by spending more the way that you can with a cooler. There are other marine accessories that are just as important as a GPS including the batteries that you may use to power you boat, but the GPS system is vital if you are going out. One common issue for boaters is going out and then suddenly a fog or rain rolls in and you are steering blind as you try to make your way back to the coast. In this situation, a cooler will not be helpful, but a GPS can save you from a lot of potential issues and the whole point of being prepared for the marine environment is to be sure you can handle any situation you have to. Which do you think matters more?