Waterproof GPS- Are They Worth It

There are a lot of devices nowadays that claim to be waterproof. You can purchase cell phones and watches that are waterproof, waterproof cameras, and even waterproof GPS. The big question though is whether they are really as waterproof as manufacturers want for you to believe? If they are, are they more expensive than you are willing to pay? We have the results of our research and will answer the question of waterproof GPS-are they worth it?

Does Waterproof Mean Water Proof?


Waterproof GPSThe truth is, the fact that an item says it is waterproof does not mean that you should immediately dunk it into the nearest water supply. There are different levels of waterproofness with all electronics that claim to be waterproof. Some are able to handle a good rain shower, or a trip into a rain shower like on this site, and others may be able to travel to the deepest parts of the ocean with you. The good news is, most all handheld GPS systems will tell you if they are waterproof and to what extent they are waterproof.

The Best Waterproof GPS


Handheld GPS OptionThere are GPS systems that you can purchase that enable you to get them wet. There are marine GPS systems and they are safe to take out in a kayak or even wear on your wrist. There are handheld GPS systems that are safe to use in the marine environment and there are others that can go scuba diving with you. Before you rush out and purchase one, though, you should read reviews to make sure it is going to be as waterproof as you want for it to be. Otherwise, you could end up being very disappointed. Some of the best and most popular choices will not stop working because you hold it in the water for several minutes. Garmin is the most popular type because they are more waterproof than some of the other GPS systems.

What If It Is Not Waterproof?


Cover For GPSIf you have a GPS that does not clearly tell you that you can take it into the water for up to so many meters, you could end up with a GPS that no longer works after you accidently carry it into the shower with you. If you choose a handheld that is rated for motorcycle use or marine use, you should be safe to get it wet in the shower or when out in the rain for an extended period of time. Though in some cases, you may need to dry it when you come out of the water. In a situation where you want to go diving with it, you will want to make sure that it is safe for the amount of time and depth that you plan to be diving into. Each handheld GPS will have its own abilities. You need to look carefully to see what your GPS system is able to handle because we know you do not want to take it out into open water, only to have it leave you still having to search for your way back home.